WordPress Anti AdBlock

#1 AdBlock fighter for your website

Why WordPress Anti AdBlock?

AdBlock has become a significant threat to the Advertising based economy of the free internet, statistics are showing that 9.26% of average site ad impressions are being blocked by AbBlock and more than 30% of visitors are actually using it.
These numbers will only keep increasing and will eventually make authors like you unable to provide free websites and services.

  • AdBlock Users
  • Normal Visitors

What is WordPress Anti AdBlock?

WordPress Anti Ad-Block is a plugin that can determine if a visitor is using Ad-Block, and take one or more field tested actions to notify and convince the user to disable it.

How can WordPress Anti AdBlock help my website?

WordPress Anti AdBlock will help you detect and communicate with AdBlock users using a set effective methods and actions.

  1. Display an elegant plead Popup.
  2. Block All external Links.
  3. Redirect.
  4. Play an Annoying animation.
  5. Show a bootstrap Notification Bar.